GoPro has been synonymous with action cameras for years, providing adventurers and videographers with tools to capture their exploits. The GoPro 360, also known as the GoPro MAX or Fusion, is the brand’s venture into the world of 360-degree videography, offering users the ability to record fully immersive video content. Designed for capturing every angle of the action without the need to point the camera, it’s perfect for sports, travel, and interactive content creation. The camera utilizes two ultra-wide-angle lenses to stitch together a seamless 360-degree view, ensuring you never miss a moment. This guide will delve into maximizing the potential of your GoPro 360 camera and unlocking new dimensions in your videography.

gopro 360 camera

Getting to Grips with Your GoPro 360: Setup and Basics

Before you start capturing 360-degree footage, it’s important to understand your GoPro 360’s features and how to set it up correctly. Here’s what you need to get started:

Charging and Memory

Ensure the camera is fully charged, and install a high-speed SD card with enough capacity to handle large 360 video files.

Mounting and Accessories

Explore various mounts and accessories compatible with the GoPro 360. Since this camera captures everything around it, be mindful of how and where you mount it to avoid obstructing the lenses.

Camera Interfaces

Familiarize yourself with the camera’s physical buttons and touchscreen interface. Learn to navigate the menus to adjust settings such as resolution, frame rate, and field of view.

GoPro App

Download the GoPro app on your smartphone. The app is essential for remote control, live previews, and easier handling of settings.

Take time to experiment with different settings and environments. This will help you understand the capabilities of your GoPro 360 and how to get the best results in various shooting scenarios.

Mastering 360-Degree Capture: Advanced Techniques and Tips

Once you’re comfortable with the basics, you can start exploring the advanced capabilities of your GoPro 360 camera:


GoPro’s OverCapture feature allows you to reframe your 360-degree footage into a traditional flat video. This lets you choose the best angles after the fact, essentially giving you infinite shot possibilities from a single recording.


The GoPro 360 boasts impressive stabilization features. Experiment with different levels of stabilization to find the right balance for your activity.

Time-Lapse and Night Modes

Utilize the camera’s time-lapse mode to capture stunning 360-degree time-lapse videos. For low-light conditions, explore the night mode for better results.

Editing Software

To handle 360 footage, use GoPro’s proprietary software or other compatible editing programs that can stitch, edit, and export your videos.

Always keep your camera’s firmware updated to benefit from the latest features and improvements. GoPro frequently releases updates that enhance the camera’s functionality and user experience.

Sharing Your World: Editing and Sharing 360 Content

Capturing 360-degree footage is only the first step; sharing your immersive experiences with others is where the real magic happens. Editing 360 video can be more complex than traditional video due to the need to stitch two hemispherical videos into a spherical format. Software like GoPro MAX Exporter and Adobe Premiere Pro can accomplish this task.

Editing Workflow

Start with stitching your footage, then proceed to trimming, reframing, and applying effects. Be mindful of the unique perspective of 360 videos and make editing choices that enhance the immersive experience.

Exporting for Platforms

Different social platforms have different specifications for 360 videos. Ensure you’re exporting with the correct settings for the platform you intend to use, whether it be YouTube, Facebook, or another service that supports 360 content.

Viewer Engagement

Encourage viewer interaction by creating content that makes full use of the 360-degree field of view. Consider the viewer’s perspective and what will draw their attention throughout the video.

By mastering the editing and sharing process, you can create compelling content that stands out and fully utilizes the innovative capabilities of the GoPro 360 camera.

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